Gospel Community Groups

At Faith Alliance Church our mission statement is, “to see every follower of Jesus going and making disciples who are engaged in Christ-centered discipleship that is marked by loving sacrificially, leading always toward Jesus, teaching God’s word, and praying for one another daily.” 

Gospel Community Groups (GCG’s) are the primary way we plan to live out our mission, which we believe is also the mission that God has for His church. GCG’s are small groups of people who are committed to loving one another sacrificially as they meet together regularly to grow in faith. Not only do GCG’s invest in one another, but they’re also committed to reaching out to people in their sphere of influence who have a desire to learn or experience more about the Christian faith. We recognize that many people are interested in spiritual things, but they do not have a community where those thoughts can be processed – GCG’s will hopefully help create those spaces for people.

What Makes a GCG a GCG?

GCG’s uphold four values:

1) Prayer – Groups will spend time in prayer each time the group meets. They will pray for one another and for people outside the group who do not yet know Jesus.

2) Scripture – Groups will spend time reading scripture and talking about how they should respond as individuals and as a group.

3) Accountability – Groups will work together to apply God’s word in day-to-day living in specific and measurable ways; they will follow up with one another each week.

4) Commitment – Groups will uphold a one year commitment. During this time they will meet together weekly (bi-weekly if weekly is not manageable). After one year each group will reassess where God is leading them.

Where and When do GCG’s Meet?

One great aspect of GCG’s is that they’re extremely flexible. We do not want rigid programs and structures to limit anyone’s ability to actively follow and serve God. God has gifted each of his followers in different ways, we hope to build a culture where people are equipped and mobilized to serve God in the best way possible in their day-to-day life. For this reason, GCG’s can meet any day, place, and time that works best for the people in their group. We recognize that many people who do not attend a church may have no desire to attend a church service or any event at a church facility – that’s understandable. Because we want to provide a space for all people to process spiritual things, it makes sense that there should be freedom for when and where groups meet. Some of our groups might like to hang out in one of their group member’s living rooms and share a meal, dessert and coffee, or lunch after church. Others may choose to meet for Saturday morning breakfast. Many of our groups choose to meet on Wednesday night at the church because we provide a free meal and there are classes for children of all ages – yes, even for our smallest babies. Group members decide when and where to meet.

What do GCG’s do during their meetings?

Again, there is a lot of flexibility. The aim is to be continually following and moving closer to Jesus – that’s what disciples do! We have created three types of GCG’s, they are:

Connecting – These GCG’s keep the four values while spending time in an environment that facilitates an opportunity to connect with new people. This is a popular option for people who are newer to Faith Alliance and want to get connected with others. These groups have a more laid back feel. Connecting groups might spend some of their time sharing a meal together, doing an activity together, or sharing a hobby. So long as there is time in prayer, reading scripture, accountability in living and sharing God’s word, and a year long commitment, it’s all good!

Discovery – This is a term we use to describe a specific way to study God’s word that is beneficial for all people no matter how long they’ve been following Jesus. Discovery groups will give the majority of their time to reading and discussing the meaning and purpose of scripture. These groups want to know and understand the Bible better, they want to grow in their faith, and they are interested in living out and talking their faith 7 days a week.

Elective – These GCG’s have decided that they would like to use some sort of curriculum that will guide their time together. Groups may choose to use a video series they have found in our online RightNow Media resource, or maybe they want to work through a book study together. There are countless electives that are very beneficial for exploring and growing in faith. Again, so long as they’re committed to prayer, scripture, accountability in living and sharing God’s word, and a year long commitment, it’s all good!

Still Interested?

If you’re new to the area, are looking for a church family, are interested in exploring more about the Christian faith, or you want to participate in the mission of God with other believers, we’d love to have the opportunity to meet you! We have GCG’s that would be willing to welcome you into our community of faith and journey alongside of you (and your family, if it applies). If you have any questions or want to hear more about our Gospel Community Groups please contact Pastor Josh at 419-629-3688 or fill out the form below.



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