Mission & Vision


To see every follower of Jesus going and making disciples who are engaged in Christ-centered discipleship that is marked by loving sacrificially, leading always toward Jesus, teaching God’s word, and praying for one another daily.

We trust that every person who has a healthy relationship with Jesus is going to desire to share the Good News with others. The activity of sharing about Jesus is called making disciples, this is what Jesus told his followers to do before he ascended to heaven, we’re doing all we can to obey that command.  At FAC we emphasize the truth that God’s Church is made up of many parts, every single person has a place and a purpose in God’s family. It is the goal of our leadership team to continually be equipping and mobilizing all people for active ministry in the world. Our mission communicates how we plan to participate in discipleship once we are in relationship with someone who desires to live for Jesus. While each of these principles will always be present, the way that people express them will always look different. Let’s break down the four core components:

Love. Lead. Teach. Pray.

Loving sacrificially: John 13:35 says that the world will know we are disciples if we have love for one another. In the context of that writing it means that they will know we are disciples by the way we love other Christians. This does not support a neglect of love for the world, Jesus teaches that we are to love our enemies, it only means that we will especially love those who are followers of Jesus – they’re family, we’ll do anything for them!  Our goal is that we have a community of faith that doesn’t only attend church in the same place every week, but we truly love each other. We are willing to give time, resources, and energy to growing in faith together. We endure hardships together and we celebrate successes together. We’re here to love sacrificially.

Leading always toward Jesus:  In 1 Corinthians 11:1 Paul says, “imitate me as I imitate Christ.” This should be the goal of every Christian, that we can extend that same offer to the people we have the opportunity to lead toward Jesus. Discipleship is not only sharing knowledge, it’s not only scripture memory and time in prayer, it is doing life together. If there is someone we can help know more about Jesus we’re going to invest in their life. We’ll share meals, we’ll invite them into our homes, we’ll let them know we’re not perfect, we will talk about how Christians are to live in a world that is filled with people who don’t care much about obeying what’s taught in the Bible. Because we are always in pursuit of Jesus, if we ever lead anyone we will always be leading them toward Jesus – he is our goal, knowing Jesus is the prize.   

Teaching God’s word: This is at the core of Jesus’ final command to his followers, “Go, make disciples, and TEACH THEM to obey all that I have commanded…” We believe the Bible is accurate and true, it is completely trustworthy. By teaching and obeying the word of God we are on the path to bringing Jesus glory and praise. If we teach anything contrary we no longer teach his commands, we teach our own, which are not always perfectly accurate and true. We know there are teachings in the Bible that are not very comfortable – we don’t always want to love our enemies – our desires sometimes go directly against what God asks of us. We believe there is more freedom and a more powerful testimony in submitting our lives to his word than there is in submitting his word to our lives. We’re committed to reading the Bible, learning what it says, and applying it to our lives as disciples of Jesus.

Praying daily for one another:  In 1 Thessalonians 5 we’re taught to, “pray without ceasing.” Prayer is the engine that keeps God’s Church on track. The follower of Jesus knows that God can accomplish what we cannot – he is infinitely more powerful and wise than we are. Our ability to lead well is limited and imperfect, we must continually lean on Jesus and trust him to work in us and through us. As we pray for those we disciple we welcome Jesus into the journey of growth. Jesus modeled a life of prayer, we hope to do the same. If you’re coming to discover Jesus or to grow in faith, you will be prayed for.  


At Faith Alliance Church, our vision statement is to,

“Joyfully bring glory and praise to our Savior Jesus in all we do.”

It is our desire that this is the heartbeat of every person in our community of faith that is following after Jesus. We believe this way of living is a glimpse of heaven on earth, this is the abundant life that Jesus came to bring! Let’s look at the statement a little closer:

Joyfully…” – This is really important. Too often in the western world today Christians are portrayed as bored, uninspired, and grumpy. Throughout scripture we see time and again that God is the source of joy, overwhelming joy. A living relationship with Jesus gives us joy because we know his love now and joy because we have an indestructible hope for the perfect life to come. The joy of the Lord is so powerful that we are even told to, “rejoice in our sufferings.” At FAC we believe there is no greater thing than knowing Jesus, he leads us into a life of joy!

“Glory and praise…” – Jesus is worthy and deserving of all glory and praise. Scripture says that everything was created through Jesus and for Jesus. When we fulfill our purpose of worshiping Him then we can begin to know true joy and peace in this life. It is a powerful testimony and a beautiful image of God’s love when an entire community of believers unite in glorifying and praising Jesus – that’s our aim at FAC.

“To our Savior Jesus…” – Jesus is many things, but we choose to celebrate the reality that he is the Savior of the world. This is not only a primary focus at Faith Alliance, but it is at the core of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. God the Father offered up his only Son so that every person to ever live could have the opportunity to become a beloved child of God. If Jesus has set you free, you know this is worth celebrating! If you’re exploring the faith or desire to know more about freedom in Christ, we’re praying that you will join us to experience more of what it means to follow after Jesus.

“In all we do…” – We don’t believe in compartmentalizing faith. Church isn’t only on Sundays and Jesus cannot be put into a box. Christians don’t take vacations from Christian living, it’s our greatest joy to pursue Jesus at all times. This means that we want to create a culture where all followers of Jesus understand that they can worship Monday – Friday at work just as much as they can Sunday morning at church, we can worship in how we speak, parent, invest, vacation, and much more. All of life is worship, we’re hopeful that what we do as individuals who are part of FAC and what we do corporately as a church in our community, region, and world is all done in a way that Jesus is pleased with us.    

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