What does it mean to be a mission-focused church?

In Matthew 28:16-20 Jesus tells his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations and to baptize people in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.

As part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance, one of our denominational core values involves completing the Great Commission, which calls us to be missionaries to the world in which we live.


Our current partnerships:

  • Agape Ministries Inc.
    Agape Ministries Inc. provides charitable assistance to those in need. We assist with donations and volunteering with assistance programs that include apparel, backpacks, disaster relief, gardening, senior boxes, school supplies, a thrift store, and winter supplies.
  • Lima Rescue Mission
    We assist with donations and volunteering at Lima Rescue Mission that helps men with both physical and spiritual needs by providing food, clothing, and shelter as well as Bible studies, chapel services, classes, one-on-one spiritual counseling, and a summer day camp at the Mission’s campgrounds, Camp Roberts.
  • Women’s Centers
    We assist each of the below listed Women’s Centers through donations and monetary gifts when needed. More information on each of these ministries as you scroll down the page.
    > Sidney Women’s Center
    > Auglaize County Family Life Center
    > Rustic Hope
  • Tea House
    We support missionaries in countries that we cannot specify where they are placed due to dangers of being a Christian in these areas. For the safety of our missionaries we refer to this mission partnership as Tea House.
  • Southeast Asia
    We support missionaries in countries that we cannot specify where they are placed due to dangers of being a Christian in these areas. For the safety of our missionaries we refer to this mission partnership as Southeast Asia.
  • E4 Project
    We support E4 Project financially as they minister to people in Gabon, Africa and Nebobongo, DRC. We also support them through short-term missions trips throughout the year.
    Gabon, Africa
    > Hope House
    > Hands of Grace
    > PK27 

    Nebobongo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa
    > Nebobongo Hospital
    > Malnutrition Program
    > Children’s School

    Women’s Centers (Local)

    Sidney Women’s Center helps women through pregnancy decisions. We provide support to their programs that provide consulting, emergency formula and diaper distribution, free pregnancy tests, material assistance, ultrasounds, and training for pregnancy and parenting.

    The Family Life Center of Auglaize County is a pro-life and confidential ministry to women and men regarding pregnancy decisions. We assist with donations and volunteering with programs that include a maternity and baby boutique, ultrasounds, education, counseling, and pregnancy tests.

    Rustic Hope is a non-profit, Christ-centered ministry that offers free support to pregnant teens before, during, and after delivery. We offer assistance through donations of needed goods.


    E4 Project: Gabon, Africa – Hope House & Hands of Grace

    Hope House is a children’s ministry for abandoned and orphaned children in Gabon, Africa. This ministry was created out of a local pastor’s vision to see orphaned and marginalized children given the opportunity to experience the love of Christ and parents, and to thrive and enact positive change on a society that had left them for dead. (Pastor Israel & Nathalie Ndoungou). There are between 40-60 kids living at this home at any given time. Hope House provides a loving and Christ-focused environment for the children and protects them from the dangers of human trafficking and living on the streets.  They also receive an education and the older children are taught skills that they can use to find employment once they are old enough to move on from Hope House.

    Hands of Grace is our partner ministry to women in Gabon, Africa.  Hands of Grace Center is a place where women can come and receive training and earn income. The largest part of this center is the sewing ministry that trains and allows women access to machines, material and everything they need to learn a new skill. The women work on individual projects that they can sell, larger scale projects such as school uniforms and also items that we can export to States for them to sell as well. The ministry started out specific to widows, but includes all marginalized women who are outcast from their society and unable to find employment. Vicki Quellhorst takes a team to Gabon once a year (March/April).

    PK27 is E4′s first project, a 65-acre campus that will serve the capital city of Libreville of 750,000. The campus will serve as a base for all medical & social outreach ministries. Several of these include the mobile medical ministry, eye and rehabilitation clinic, Hope House for abandoned and orphaned children, Hands of Grace, and others.

    E4 Project: Nebobongo, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    Nebobongo Hospital is a Christian run hospital that is under the authority of the regional church, CECCA-16 in the northeast corner of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Nebobongo Evangelical Hospital, for all of its resource challenges, remains the best-equipped and staffed hospital in an area serving over 260,000 people in one of the poorest regions of one of the poorest countries on earth.  We have partnered with this ministry through funding a children school and funding a malnutrition program that benefits malnourished children. Faith Alliance hosts an annual 5k each Spring that goes towards the malnutrition program in Nebobongo.


Mission Trips

Faith Alliance Church Mission Trip Opportunities

  • Tea House – Jodi Shimp leads a team to Greece for a Vacation Bible School/Field Forum for missionary parents every summer.  If you are interested in this trip please contact Pastor James Lampert james@faith-alliance.org
  • Gabon – Vicki Quellhorst leads a team to Gabon each spring to teach widows advance sewing classes.  If you are interested in this trip, please contact Vicki Quellhorst at tvquellh@yahoo.com


In our affiliation with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, through the Great Commission Fund, Faith Alliance Church supports missionaries in over 70 countries around the world.