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At FAC, we love Wednesday nights! There is something special about being together to share a meal and to take time to open up the Bible so that we can learn more about God, his word, and what it means to follow after Jesus.

Here’s how it all goes down…

5:30pm: People start filling the fellowship hall from all directions and finding their seat. The kids are hungry and everyone can tell. At 5:30 we pray and then share a meal together. Many people aren’t able to arrive until a little later, that’ no problem at all! Come as you’re able.

6:15pmWith full stomachs and plenty of dessert, the children head for their classrooms, ready to roll! We offer classes and care for infants through 5th grade in the newly renovated Children’s Unit. It’s amazing what these little ones can learn! Parents check children in each week. Questions? Contact Gina.

6:30pm: Gospel Community Groups (GCG’s) start. Men’s groups, women’s groups, co-ed groups, married couples groups, they all exist. We’ll occasionally offer an elective that covers a specific topic.. If you’re new, try a few out and see what’s best for you. Questions? Contact Pastor Josh.

6:00pm: Student Ministries start for 6th -12th  grade students at the Youth Center. They gather as a group, hang out, share some time in the Bible, and then break out into small groups. There are adult volunteers who lead the students through conversation and questions that help everyone understand and apply scripture appropriately.  Questions? Contact Pastor James.

7:30pm: Everyone wraps up and heads for home. Parents find their children and adults linger over some unfinished conversations from their time in Gospel Community Groups.  People leave encouraged and prepared to take on another day.

Are you thinking of visiting for a Wednesday Night?  You can fill out this form to tell us more about yourself and request more information, we’ll be ready to welcome you!

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