Josh Kalichman

Discipleship/Worship Pastor

What is your role at FAC?

Worship and Discipleship Pastor. As your Discipleship pastor, my goal is to help others learn about following Jesus. Whether connecting someone to a group, a new friend – or simply helping someone take their next step toward Jesus, I’m honored to be a part of your journey.

I also lead the music teams for Faith’s two distinct worship services. Whether you join in worshiping God with classic hymns or modern music, it’s all a part of the fabric of praise that we give to God each Sunday morning.

How long have you been at FAC? 

Since September 2016.

What do you love about being a part of the FAC family of faith?

This community of Jesus-followers is fascinated by the goodness and beauty of God and His life-giving words to us in the Bible. I’m so glad to work among a community of people whose aim is to pattern their life after Jesus’ goodness, becoming life-givers to others as well. It’s amazing to see our strengths and weaknesses come together to honor God.

Tell us about your family and your interests outside of ministry.

I love my wife and daughter. Spontaneous dancing and singing happens in our home every day. Other interests = Playing the violin, arranging music, being outdoors, eating at 17 West, imagining life in a tiny-house…

What is your previous training, ministry, and mission experience?

Master’s in Music from Bowling Green State University; Music Ministry Director in Bowling Green, Ohio 2006-2010; Master’s in Counseling from Moody Theological Seminary; Disciple-Making Movements Apprenticeship 2013-2014; Lived on mission in the Shenandoah Mountains, Metro-Detroit, briefly near the Mediterranean, and now in Auglaize County.


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