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Cierra’s Sunrise (Fundraising Art Project)

Cierra’s Sunrise (Fundraising Art Project)

Need a special gift? God’s inspiring world prompted Holly Bertke to a create a special artwork she titled “Cierra’s Sunrise”, which provides a base for artworks for purchase where all funds support Cierra Otting’s upcoming missions trip to Gabon, Africa to continue her work there.

Cierra has participated in Gabon Africa mission trips and is currently raising funds to return there soon. Enter Holly Bertke, a photographer who captured “Cierra’s Sunrise” early this fall at her home. “The serenity of the fog mixing with the bright sunrays created a beautiful palette,” Holly said.

Holly used enhanced original photography along with the Isaiah 32:18 Bible verse to create this special artwork, which can now be ordered at the church (see forms in the lobby). All proceeds from orders will be given to the fund for Cierra Otting’s missions trip to Gabon, Africa. Prints are ordered on Thursday of each week until this special fundraising sale ends on December 17.

“I thought of Cierra leaving home to go to Gabon and the insecurities that could come with that,” Holly said. “God reminded me of the peace I felt that morning when I took this photo and prompted me to share it with others in support of Cierra’s journey.”

Canvas wrap prints (ready to hang) are available in a 18 x 24 size at $125 with a 12 x 16 size at $80.

Giclee paper prints (ready to frame) are available in 18 x 24 sizes at $105 with a 12 x 16 size at $55.

Completed orders and cash/checks can be turned in at the church office. Please make checks payable to Holly Bertke.

Cierra continues this special story below…

“While I am there I will do doing some work in collaboration with E4 at the Hope House. I will also be doing some volunteer work at a non-profit called Nothing is Lost. My education is in counseling and sociology and they are a counseling organization so that is a very exciting opportunity. We are also looking into me teaching English classes through Nothing is Lost as well. I will be staying with MG, which is super exciting in its own right! I am excited about being able to be a part of daily life there, not just as a short term visitor.

In regards to “Cierra’s Sunrise”: this whole process has been one of the most humbling experiences I have ever been through. When I stood on stage at church and told them I was ready to go back and I needed their help to get there, they really rose to the occasion, in more ways than just this picture. When Holly told me about the picture all I really remember is thanking her and giving her a hug. I have been so over whelmed and in awe this whole process I feel like I am having a delayed reaction time. God just keeps giving me the gift of being able to see clearly His people moving to make things happen for His Kingdom, and it’s awesome!

Also: I have a blog I have been sharing more of this journey on. The website for this is: cmotting.wordpress.com” – Cierra Otting

Marie Gabrielle and Mama Jacqueline Returned to Gabon

Marie Gabrielle Tsomo Ngombo recently sat down with Pastor Tom Sager to discuss her experiences here in the local area while she had hip surgery. Marie and Mama Jacqueline Tsele recently returned to Gabon, Africa.

Pastor Tom: What do you think you’ll miss the most about the United States?

Marie: Well, the people that I’ve met here. Not only the people from this church, but everywhere we would go. I will also miss the shopping (laughter). It was great to do some shopping.

Pastor Tom: She told me her favorite store was Kohl’s. Did you buy some things there?

Marie: Oh yes. Not some. A lot (laughter)…women are all the same. They like shopping.

Pastor Tom: What’s the first thing you think you will do when you return to Gabon?

Marie: See my nieces and nephews. I love them so much. And vegetables from home that you don’t have here. I will enjoy them for you.

Pastor Tom: How will life be different?

Marie: I expect to find a job and see things going forward in God’s plan.

Pastor Tom: How would you say that the Lord has worked in your life during your time here?

Marie: During my time here, the Lord showed me that sometimes when you’re in your own country, you’re the ones who pray the most and know about his love. But, when you go outside they do even more than you could think you could do, then it’s teaching. I see here how people were praying and loving each other and it’s wonderful.

Pastor Tom: So the Lord has expanded the concept of the Kingdom of God for you.

Marie: Oh yes. A lot.

Pastor Tom: Well, frankly you’ve done that for us as well and we appreciate that from you and Mama Jacqueline. How can we be praying for you as you go back?

Marie: I would like for you to pray for me to get better. God’s final plan is for me to walk without using anything. He’s still working. Pray also I find a job that will allow me to have time to serve Him and love to do. Also, pray for me to find a husband. He’s somewhere. He’s hiding I don’t know why, so (laughter). Ya.

Pastor Tom: I asked her if she was looking while she was here and she said no Mama Vicki was looking for me. Maybe she’ll put one in her suitcase when she visits in August (laughter).