Saturate 17

Sharing Truth. Serving People.


What is Saturate 17?

Saturate 17 describes the mission and vision of Faith Alliance Church. Due to the continually evolving makeup of our church congregation and the condition and layout of our facilities, the mission and vision currently include plans to renovate and expand our building and properties (Main Campus & Youth Center). 17 is used because our church community is made up of individuals and families who live in communities that are spread throughout a 17-mile radius surrounding Faith Alliance Church. This is the geographic area we would like to “saturate” with the Good News of Jesus.

What’s the Vision & Mission of Saturate 17?

Our vision is to, “joyfully bring glory and praise to our Savior Jesus in all we do.” We believe this will be accomplished as we participate in the mission, which is,

“To see every follower of Jesus going and making disciples who are engaged in Christ-centered discipleship that is marked by loving sacrificially, leading always toward Jesus, teaching God’s word, and praying for one another daily.” (We abbreviate by saying, “Love. Lead. Teach. Pray.”)

What does this look like?

It’s our prayer and hope that we will continuously move closer to experiencing a reality that every follower of Jesus is actively engaged in making disciples within their sphere of influence. The goal is to saturate a 17-mile radius with the gospel so that people have opportunities to respond to the Good News and also to experience what it is like to live in Christian community. We want to share the truth of the Gospel in our region by serving people with the love and grace of Jesus. Every follower of Jesus is uniquely gifted with the Holy Spirit who provides us with different skills and abilities. We want to help people understand what God is calling them to, whether it be to people, to places, or to causes that need a gospel presence. Our Gospel Community Groups (GCG’s) are one of the primary vehicles we are using to mobilize this process of making disciples. GCG’s meet in a variety of places at a variety of times. They exist to build one another up in faith and to reach out to those who do not yet know the love of Christ. We desire to not only reach out to people in our 17-mile radius, but also into areas around the world where we have formed strategic partnerships with missionaries who are also sharing truth and serving people.

Where do you fit in?

If you are already a part of the FAC community of faith and you’re not sure where you fit into this process, please contact a pastor or elder who will offer some guidance and suggestions. We encourage everyone who participates in the life of our church to be connected with a GCG and to prayerfully be considering how you can give towards this project.

If you’re not a part of the FAC community of faith and you desire a place to learn more about following Jesus, about Christian living, or you need a church family to call home – we’d love to have you join us anytime! You’re welcome to worship with us on a Sunday morning (9 & 10:30), to visit a Gospel Community Group, or to join us for an upcoming event. Contact us if you would like more information (

The Building Campaign

Proposed Layout

Building Project Key Points

In order to most effectively live out the vision and mission God has given us, we have made a decision to improve and add on to multiple areas of our buildings and properties. A brief overview of the current plan:

1. Light Renovation of the Youth Center

FAC has a building located in the middle of New Bremen that is used weekly for youth events, fitness events, and is used regularly by other organizations and ministries. We are giving this facility a facelift. The main areas being improved are flooring and paint throughout the building, new décor, renovated restrooms, and light structural adjustments. A big thank you to Westy’s Flooring and Hoffman Decorating for their partnership in this project! The Youth Center exists to serve the community as well as our church family, if you want a tour we’d love to show you around!

2. Children’s Ministry 

We would like to designate the entire north end of our main church building as an area for the Children’s Ministry. We have plans to expand the childcare rooms as our current rooms are not large enough for the children we have each week. We’re also adding social space for parents, children, and new families to spend time together in conversation. The reception area will also be expanded and improved to help make the check-in and check-out process go more smoothly. If you’re looking for a place for your children to grow in faith or to meet other young families, you’re welcome to visit anytime and we’ll explain more about our FAC Children’s Ministry.

3. Discipleship

At FAC we’re continuing to develop a groups based ministry – we call our groups, “Gospel Community Groups.” In order to accommodate the adult groups that meet in our facility on a weekly basis we plan to add gathering spaces where groups can meet. In an attempt to be good stewards of our space and our resources, the plan is that our office space will double as group space. It is our desire to have a facility that is efficient and multi-use.

4. Sanctuary Renovation

The sanctuary has not been updated for nearly 45 years. We plan to renovate the sanctuary space from top to bottom. Part of this renovation is adding seating that will fit inside the existing exterior structure. The goal is to create a space that preserves a sense of reverence while also offering a space that is welcoming to new individuals and families. The word of God is as relevant today as it ever has been, we’re hoping to create a worship space that communicates that message to everyone who enters.

5. A Welcoming Entrance

Time and again our first time visitors are not sure which entrance to use, the new building plan will address this problem. The entrance will house our offices & group space and will include storage space above the rooms. The design will also give the church a much more welcoming entrance and will provide outdoor social space. The outdoor social space will be an area where children, teens, and adults will be able to gather for casual conversation before and after events or Sunday worship.

6. Foyer Renovation

Part of the project includes a renovation of our current foyer space. This is a space that is used by every person who attends on Sunday morning. If you have attended FAC on a Sunday morning you know how busy it can be in the foyer as people have conversation before and after worship. The new space will provide better lighting, better flow of traffic, and a more welcoming feel for our guests and visitors.