Ted Wagner




How long have you been at FAC? 

I was born and raised in a New Bremen in St Paul’s Church where I was baptized as an infant  and confirmed. I graduated NBHS in 1958 and University of Cincinnati as a mechanical engineer in 1965. I became a member of Zion Church when Terry and I were married in 1964. When Zion church closed we both became members of Faith Alliance Church.  Terry and I were both baptized in a believers baptism under Pastor Dean Greenwood. I have served on the Governing Board as an elder since 2000.

What area of ministry are you passionate about and where are you involved?

We love reading and are interested in the Bible, Bible prophesy, and related books and magazines, history, archeology, politics and political thrillers among many topics.

Tell us about your family and your interests outside of ministry.

My wife, Terry, and I have 3 daughters, 6 grandchildren  and 6 step great grand children.

What is a hobby or interest of yours?

I have been retired since 2006, before which I worked at Monarch  Machine Tool Co. and Crown Equipment as an engineer. My wife and I have taught Ballroom dancing since 1963 and it is our outlet for connecting to people who wouldn’t come to a church but are willing to talk to a listening ear.  We have enjoyed this past time for our entire married life and still continue dancing but at a reduced amount of time. We keep busy working on our property and on our daughter Bethany’s, mowing lawn, trimming etc.

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