What is your role at FAC?

Administrative Assistant and Assistant Treasurer. My main responsibilities are to answer phone calls, type up and print the weekly Sunday bulletins and Newsletters, keep records, and more. As assistant treasurer, I help count the weekly offering, write checks and run financial reports as needed, and assist in creating the upcoming year’s church budget.

How long have you been at FAC?

I first visited FAC in 2009, and by 2010 became a regular attender. In May of 2016 I began my job here at Faith Alliance.

What do you love about being a part of the FAC family of faith?

I love how it feels like my extended family as I get to know others on a more personal level through small groups and other church functions. I love the fact that we as a church body support reaching people both locally and globally to share the name of Jesus and his message. I also love that there is a children’s department where I can safely bring my kids and know that they are being cared for and learning about Jesus each week.

Tell us about your family and your interests outside of ministry

My husband Daniel and I have been married since November 2012. We have two amazing, crazy and energetic children Caleb, 4, and Rebecca, 2. In our spare time, together as a family we like to walk up our street to the park, play in the backyard with the kids, let them help to make dinners, and we read stories. The current favorite activity is bowling and pizza night, and time spent with the grandparents.

What is your previous training, ministry, and mission experience?

I have my Associate in Hospitality Management. After college I managed for a few years before switching directions. I worked in a group home for a short time as a house parent, shortly before beginning work at Faith Alliance. I have also been on two mission trips with FAC. I went to Arizona to the Navajo Indian Reservation in 2011, and Gabon, Africa in 2012.