Jamie Lampert


What is your role at FAC?

My role at FAC is Custodian. I clean and care for the fellowship hall, sanctuary, and foyer.

How long have you been at FAC? 

I have been at FAC for over 15 years now.

What do you love about being a part of the FAC family of faith?

I am a deaconess at Faith Alliance, so I truly enjoy getting to care for the needs of those in our congregation and community.

Tell us about your family and your interests outside of ministry.

I have been married to my husband Pat for over 35 years. We have four children: Erica (Tom), Justin (Brynn), Aaron (Alex), and James (Kristin). We have 5 grandchildren: Thomas, Christian, Nicholas, Grace and Alaina. I enjoy spending my spare time with my family and close friends.